Paint Types: A Complete Guide to Getting Paint Right

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One of the simplest ways to change an environment, giving it a new look, is with a good paint
job. However, the types of paint are numerous. What is the best paint for the wall? What paint
to use on the tile? Can I paint the floor? To answer these and any other questions you may
have, we’ve created this ink types guide.
First, before painting any surface, it needs to be clean, dry and regular. So get rid of any dirt,
moisture or mold, and correct imperfections in the place with spackle or mortar. If you need to
apply any of these substances, it is recommended to let it dry for 28 days before painting.
See now the types of paint available on the market and everything you need to know to make
the right choice 😉.
PVA paint
PVA paint image
PVA type paints in different colors. Source: Pinterest
PVA paint, also known as PVA latex, is the most used on interior walls. You must, however, be
careful when cleaning, as if you rub a lot with a damp cloth, the ink can come out. Therefore,
do not use it outdoors, as it is not resistant to rain.

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