Single Phase Machine Operation

It is worth mentioning that the induction machines use cage type rotor, with a special device for starting. This special device is a starter winding added to the stator. Single-phase motors, because they only have one power phase, do not have a rotating field like polyphase motors, but rather, they get a pulsating magnetic field. This factor does not allow them to have a conjugate for starting, considering that magnetic fields are induced in the rotor 0054dpsa31a-p in line with the stator field. To solve a number of questions relating to the starting, auxiliary windings, dimensioned and positioned so as to create a second dummy phase, are used.

Single-phase induction devices rely on only one phase and are supplied by a single-phase alternating current. They are widely used whenever you need a small engine and low power. Its main advantage is its low cost to operate with small powers. It can be emphasized that the main characteristic of the induction motor consists in the fact that only the stator is connected to the mains. The rotor is not externally fed and the currents circulating in it are electromagnetically induced by the stator, giving rise to its induction motor name.

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