With the simple purpose of offering an Italian meal inspired by the classic canteens

the first
unit of the group was inaugurated in the Jardins district, in São Paulo, in 2010. The history of
Pecorino, however, begins long before the opening of this first house . Zito Silveira, founding
partner, has Italian descent and has worked in the bar and restaurant business since 1992,
when he was 19 years old. He always nurtured the idea of opening a canteen with a fresh look
and real Italian food.
Pietro’s Trattoria
For over 20 years, Trattoria do Pietro has been offering classic Italian dishes. Traditional
recipes that have withstood over the years and are now part of our daily lives, are prepared
with the same affection and care as grandparents.
Meat, poultry, fish and a huge variety of pastas are served in large portions for at least 2
people. Appetizing starters, bruschetas, floured squid, among many others, always
accompanied by a good wine.
Our Menu
Here, everything is prepared in a homemade way, always trying to preserve the best taste and
freshness of the food.
At night, handmade pizzas are opened and baked in stone ovens, thus guaranteeing the
authentic Italian flavor. Best Italians Restaurants in Roswell ga

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